It's really been a while since I've eaten

Never mind how many days.  I’ll tell you later.  My cold seems better and I’m not grumpy anymore.  I managed to get undressed, that is, out of my clothes, without freezing to death, and into my pajamas okay, and I’m headed to bed now.   I have a big day ahead of me tomorrow.  I have a lot planned.  Some of it is the usual stuff, you know, therapy, pick up prescriptions, and the like.  I think tomorrow I will buy myself an eraser.  I have made enough mistakes in this life.

I am so cold

As usual, I’ve hung a bag of ice over the thermostat to “fool” it into thinking it’s freezing in here so it’ll warm up this place.  It’s currently 79 in here, and I’m so cold and wish it would heat up faster.  I’m wearing a long down winter coat and winter hat and I’m shivering.

I went into town thinking I might go to the library and might not, so I brought my library stuff.  I stopped at the post office to check my box, then went over to CVS to get tissues.  They happened to be marked down, so I guess I came at the right time.  Meanwhile, I’d blown my nose a zillion times, and felt so lousy that I knew that I would pass on the library today.  I bought some calorie-free Powerade and some diet soda at Tedeschi’s.  All this stuff was very heavy in my canvas shopping bag.  I thought I’d never make it home carrying all of it.  I switched the bag from one hand to the other, back and forth, so many times, getting frustrated, stopping all the time to rest, and someone even stopped to ask me if I was okay.  I was feeling very weak, but I said I was okay, thank you.  It was rather embarrassing.

I’m home now, and feel just plain rotten.  I’ve had a bit to drink.  I might go to sleep for a while but I’m not sure.  I slept two hours this afternoon but got up because I wanted to get to the post office before they closed.  It’s 80 degrees in here and I’m so cold still.

I have a miserable cold, feel grumpy, and haven't eaten for a number of days

And I’m just about out of tissues.

It seems to be February.   We had no snow here in January, or at least nothing that stuck around longer than half a day.  I can recall one other year that this was the case.  I don’t remember, though, which year this was.  It’s handy to be able to walk around without slipping all over the place or having to step in slush or whatever.   Puzzle doesn’t have to pee on snowbanks.

I feel so wicked shitty right now.  Runny nose, occasional itchy sneezy, etc.  No coughing, no sore throat, all in my nose and kind of sinusy, maybe my eyes, a bit in my ears as well.  Seems to be getting worse.  I am so grumpy and pissed off that I picked this up from two humans at the library.  They were inconsiderate and rude and had no business sitting at my table when there were plenty of empty tables they could have sat at, sneezing all over me and my belongings and not even covering their mouths.  Probably I shouldn’t even get started on this topic because I could go on and on and get into a wicked unnecessary stew over it.  I moved away from these two humans as quickly as I could and swabbed a bunch of hand sanitizer on my hands, but I guess it was too late.  This blows.

I think that happened on Sunday, but I’m losing track of days.  I’m tired.

I felt lousy yesterday, too, and suspected that I was coming down with something.  I fought off the grumpiness.  I was able to do so successfully by doing a ton of writing at the library.  I figured out some stuff.  I did a lot of figuring.  I spent all day thinking and working things out in my mind.

I’m going to lie down now.  Sleep some.

I do need to go out and get tissues.  I am down to like nil.  Later.  Just feel so crappy.