A brief audio post explaining that I am no longer allowed to post until after discharge

I am speaking from a hall phone in this audio post. If I recall correctly, I am using the phone near the outer “locked” door, the “way out” of the unit.  For the entire sixteen days, I stayed on the unit, within the locked doors.  In this brief entry, I am saying a temporary goodbye, explaining that for now, I am not allowed to blog.  Future entries give further explanation as to what was going on with the whole telephone rights issue.  I was discharged Feb. 24.  On Feb 21, there was a huge blowout between me and staff when I found out that not only was I no longer allowed to blog, but my word was not trusted.  I said I would not blog, but now, I couldn’t even make a phone call to a friend in privacy.  My telephone rights were completely suspended.  Not only this, my social worker didn’t even have the guts to tell me this to my face.  She let the other staff tell me.  That evening, they were cold and hostile to me.  After several days…there were no several days.  I had had it.  I couldn’t tolerate the disrespect.  I couldn’t tolerate being treated like a child.  I was getting worse and worse.  I was going to have to nurse myself back to health on my own.

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