Edema…I can only hope that it disappears by tomorrow, for my 54th birthday

I am not sure when the edema reappeared.  Edema has been an ongoing problem for me since the end of last April.  People with eating disorders can develop edema for a variety of reasons.  There are various kinds of edema.  You can look it up in a medical encyclopedia, or Google it, or check it out in Wikipedia.  Actually, my photos of my ankles and calves that I posted on here last May come up on the top of Google.  When I look on my stats, just about every day it appears that someone uses a search engine and finds my posts that I did last spring of my really bad edema.  Anyway, maybe two days ago I took off my shoes and socks and there were these massive dents in my calves from my socks.  People, if your usual socks are suddenly making wicked bad dents that’s a heads up that something is going on.  Press your finger onto your ankle.  Just press someplace where there’s some flesh.  Then take your finger off.  Is there a dent?  Does the dent stay there?  How deep is the dent?  If there’s a dent that stays there, you’ve got edema.

Edema itself won’t hurt you.  Edema is a sign of something else, something going on inside your body that isn’t right.  Whatever is going on inside your body could be a number of things, a huge number of things ranging from minor to very serious requiring immediate medical attention.

If one side is a whole lot more swollen than the other, or if only one side is swollen, you’d better get medical attention right away.  I have no medical qualifications whatsoever so keep this in mind while you are reading this.  But if I had one huge ankle and one regular-sized ankle, I’d be pretty scared.

Okay, I’ve lost track of what I was going to say.  This always happens to me.  Okay.  Blood pressure.  Very simple.  It takes like two seconds to have your blood pressure checked.  This is a big part of it.

I have talked to people with eating disorders who have had edema.  I don’t know of anyone whose doctor has prescribed diuretics for them.  It’s just not done for people with eating disorders.  I think it has to do with electrolytes.  I’m not sure.

My doctor told me the edema would go away.  Like heck it went away.

I tried starving it out of myself.  It worked.  Well, it didn’t.

You know, I have heard people say, “I want to be skinny.  I wish I were skinny just like an anorexic.”  You know, you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into.  Your hair.  Your bones.  Your heart.  Think again.

Your life.

Last night, after my shower, I noticed that my skin around my ankles had stretched so much that it had broken out into sores.  I remembered that my doctor had told me to put lotion on my ankles to prevent infection.  I have some decent lotion that I put on last night and this morning.

This is rather depressing.

You know, sometimes I wake up in the morning, and the edema is just plain gone.  I mean, gone.  Maybe tomorrow, my 54th birthday, it’ll happen.  My legs and ankles are smooth and sleek and skinny and anorexic.  My feet are my own feet again.  I slip on my socks and wiggle my toes and put my feet into my shoes.  I am a wild gazelle and I am going to fly tomorrow wherever my heart takes me.

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