I am sick

I am sick.  I went to get water in the night and just about fainted.  Somehow, I got back into bed and lay down before I collapsed.  I felt the same way when I awoke this morning.  I feel rather crappy and have not felt well at all today.  I am seriously beginning to doubt my ability to heal myself on my own.  I have avoided getting medical care because turning to professionals may lead to a trip to a psychiatric unit.

It is just not working.

So why did I press the panic button and call 911 on Friday?  I guess it was because my malnutritioned brain was not working right.  I felt shitty.  Of course I needed medical care.  Anyway, after that, I vowed I would not call 911 again.  What a waste.

I got Puzzle out this morning.  Took a shower.  Trying to hydrate myself, etc.  I will speak to my T at 1pm.  One look at my face and she will know.  We are going to be Skyping.  I cannot hide it.

The DMH person called while I was out with Puzzle.  I looked on my caller ID and saw that he had called and hung up without leaving a message.  Very weird.

Well, two more hours and my T will be calling me on Skype.  Might as well be doing something useful between now and then.  Take out the trash or something.

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