Thanks, cable guy

All I want is to be loved and wanted and cared for.

I drank two tablespoons of carrot juice and two tablespoons of fruit juice and some water.

I contacted my T and we are going to Skype tomorrow at 1pm Eastern time.  That’s 10am on the West Coast, where she is vacationing.

I wrote in my journal quite a number of hours ago that if life meant a life of hospitalization then I did not want it.  I wrote something like that…I don’t recall the exact wording.  That was only one of the things I wrote.

How to work this out.

One thought on “Thanks, cable guy”


    Subsisting on nothing but spoonfuls of liquid are slow suicide. You are way too smart not to know this.

    I have little choice but to turn it all over to God. It hurts me too much to sit back and watch this tragedy unfold.

    Your friend,
    Marsha xox

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