I can barely walk and my vision is not right

I’m not sure when this was.  Maybe 9:30am or so.  I got out of the shower without difficulty. Then, suddenly, I couldn’t walk.  I lost my balance.  I nearly fell, but was fortunate to have fallen into my bureau and was okay.  I held onto it, realizing something was terribly wrong.  I have had severe insomnia for a long time, almost two months exactly to the day.  Was I falling asleep on my feet?  No, it didn’t seem to be that.  This was constant.  I couldn’t stand without falling over.  I couldn’t walk.  I held onto the wall until I was able to get ahold of my clothes.  I had incredible difficulty putting them on.  Leaning on the wall, I reached the phone, and called Dr. K.  I left her a message.  Coincidentally, I have an appointment with her today at 2pm.  There has been a tiny bit of improvement since it started, not much though.   Still, I don’t know, as of this moment, if I can safely get there, even by cab.

I can see okay with my right eye using the bottom lens of my bifocal to write this, while closing my left eye…sort of.  I have been having trouble with my vision ever since I set foot into Logan Airport (Boston) on my way to London on Monday the 14th, enough to have to ask for assistance from people.  While wandering around London I more or less had to guess where to go at times.  At other times, I could see where I was going.  To my amazement, I did quite well, and the very few errors I made were not due to poor vision but incorrect, vague, or confusing instructions as to where to go.

Now, I have no trouble getting anywhere, because everywhere I go, the routes are familiar to me, but if I had to go to a new place in a new setting, I would have to ask for assistance.  I just can’t see properly.  I can’t explain what the problem is with my vision, though.  It’s not blurriness.  It’s something else, just kind of a confusion.

Still waiting for my doctor to call.


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