Dr. P and I are attempting to solve my sleep problem.  The night before I left the hospital, I only got two hours of sleep.  After that, I got two hours of sleep every night.  I recently increased to three.  No, I am not manic.  Dr. P was concerned, and we discussed medications to help me sleep.  There are many options out there, most of them not particularly appealing to me.  I decided to try Benadryl.  I have used Benadryl in the past.  It’s an antihistimine, designed for allergies and runny nose, scratchy throat, etc resulting from allergies.  It can also be used for a rash resulting from allergies.  It stays in your system for only four hours, and can be sedating. That is why some doctors use it for sleep.  Actually, it says right on the package not to operate dangerous machinery while you’re on it, or drive a car, etc.

So I took some last night.  The result was not the same as it has been in the past.  It stayed in my system longer than four hours.  I was extremely groggy from it for a long time upon waking and for hours after.  I was nauseous and headachy.  I took some Pepto Bismol for the nausea.  And sleep?  It made my sleep worse, or didn’t help at all.  I’m finally pulling out of it.  Yuck.  I won’t do that again.  I also tried Vistaril, with other disastrous results.  I was groggy and slept all day and into the next.

I ended up postponing therapy today.  I managed to switch it to tomorrow.  I was afraid I’d get carsick on the bus, or should I say bus sick.

For now, I will stick with my three hours, and take two 10-minute naps during the day.  It seems to work out better than anything else I’ve tried–so far.

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