A poem I'd like to share, right before Hurricane Irene hits New England

I was going through my “important documents” which happen to be stored near a window.  Obviously, I need to move them.  These include my SS card, passport, and birth certificate.  Among them, I found this poem and one or two others, plus an essay.  I finally found the poem on my hard drive.  Here it is. (Looking at how it showed up on the blog, the stanza breaks didn’t appear, but I’m not going to fuss with it.  WordPress…grrrr…….


Joseph Coleman Casey

February 26, 1958 – August 19, 2003

Slithering like a fish,

the dead man slipped into heaven

while my eyes were turned.

When I looked back

I saw the arms of evergreens

reaching out to an eclipsed star,

familiar as beachy sands

and a stone that skipped over my grief,

hissing, popping, then breaking

under waves’ surfaces–

God knows where it went–

leaving a white, smooth rigging

once touched by storm,

then whitewashed until only

a conspicuous sediment remained.

Raindrops kiss window panes,

glide like scree,

embrace earth at last

then sink deep and steamily rise again,

filling my breath and holding me

within an angerless shroud

that protects and suckles

until I can almost feed myself,

yet hunger for more.


your spirit creeps ever forward;

I cherish fullness for a moment,

remembering the day in February

when the Artist seized his brush

and spat out blazing hues upon the world,

in praise of God.


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