My T said she wasn’t going to hospitalize me because of the plan that she and my primary care doctor have worked out: I have to gain a pound by next Friday or else I will be sent to the ER to be evaluated and possibly sent to the ED hospital.  If I refuse, I may be Section 12ed there.

Well, I found out you can’t be Sectioned to the ED hospital.  Section 12 means you are forced to go there against your will.  And this is not possible at this hospital at this unit.  I called and checked.  I jumped for joy when the guy told me.

So I came home from my T’s office unhospitalized, free. I feel pretty good about that. She said by all means I should go to the ER in the meantime if I feel I need it, for fluids, or if my blood pressure seems too low, but all hinges on Friday.

I think this is total bullshit actually. Weight fluctuates. I think it should hinge on vital signs.

But this whole thing is going to be a problem. I dropped 5 pounds since I was weighed last Friday.  Much of this was edema loss, but some of it was regular weight loss.  There is no chance in hell that I will be up six pounds on Friday, even at 2pm.  And I’ve decided I’m not going to break rules and falsify my weight.

This means one helluva day.  This means spending a long, long time in the emergency room.  I’m bringing knitting to pass the time. I expect a lot of rigamarole.  I expect to go home afterward. I expect to be plain exhausted.

I’m exhausted thinking about it.

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