I spent the afternoon at the ER

It was kind of a joke…They do not know about eating disorders in emergency rooms….Nor do EMT’s know about eating disorders…. I am just a skinny mental patient to them….I wish I didn’t have “schizoaffective” written on my medic alert information…I’m going to take it off!
More about that later.  I will do a full write-up tomorrow.  I just spent a while online researching involuntary treatment for eating disorders.  I guess you can be involuntarily committed, but not at the ED hospital where I was.  Thankfully, it’s the only place that will treat me because they are the only place around that takes my insurance.  Also, I looked at the other places around here, and all are voluntary.  It takes 48 hours to get this court commitment, anyway.

Where would they take me?  New Hampshire?  I don’t know. I’m starting to obsess about it.

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