Vertigo gone, medical problems remain, etc

I think the vertigo problem is over.  I haven’t had it since Thursday except briefly, and today not at all.  Whether it came from my meds or from food…?????  Most of my experimentation shows that the vertigo was nutritionally related, and only the most recent experimentation showed that it may have been the meds.  I am now doing nothing different with either. No, this is not true.  I am doing almost the same with both.  My meds are the same.  I’m not certain but I think I’m eating slightly less.  I am responding differently to food.  This is part of the crossing over.  I am not hungry.  Mealtime could come and go and I could easily forget to eat entirely.  This doesn’t happen, though.  I do, eventually, remember, and eat at mealtime just enough to keep going.

I am aware that at some point I may need some more medical attention than I can get seeing my primary care physician once a week.  I am willing to accept care for a few days at a medical facility if it comes down to it.  I am not willing to go to the ED hospital and I will not sign myself in there, and I will not accept the feeding tube.*  I am not willing to be hospitalized for the purpose of gaining weight.  I am willing to be hospitalized for the purpose of medical stabilization or if hospitalization (without weight gain) is necessary to improve my medical situation in order to improve quality of life.

*I will accept the feeding tube if it is not being used to treat my ED, that is, if it is being used if I am unconscious following a car accident, etc. I do not give permission to use the feeding tube in these situations to cause weight gain.

So let all that go on record.

I see my therapist tomorrow at 1pm.  If I’m as much of a basket case then as I was today at 1, she’ll do what she has to do.  I accept this.

It seems to get better as the day rolls on.


One thought on “Vertigo gone, medical problems remain, etc”

  1. Sad to read you are still hell-bent on starvation, Julie Greene…
    Feeding tubes are for people who can’t or won’t eat normally.

    What a shame you would rather deny the world and yourself of your considerable talents.
    Not to mention deny Puzzle of her mama.


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