Edema from anorexia…photos from just now

I have anorexia and have experienced edema.  Some of the edema came from refeeding.  Sometimes, it came from bingeing (I don’t throw up and this is a factor).   This time, the edema started last night for no apparent reason, because I have not been refeeding since April 29, and I have not binged.  The edema seems to be worsening, again for no reason.  My face is puffy and my whole body is swollen.  Anyone who is anorexic who has experienced edema is familiar with the horror of this.

At any rate, I’ve just taken off my shoes and socks, and rolled up my “edema pants” (loose clothing that hides swollen legs) to find this:

Note the impression my sock made in my leg.


This was taken right after I took my shoes off.


I see my doctor tomorrow.  To tell you the truth, I feel rather crappy.

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