Something else I will mention to Dr. P

My sleep hasn’t been so good.  I wake up frequently in the night.  This isn’t because I have to pee.  This isn’t because of noise or anything else.  I just don’t sleep well.

Maybe she will recommend that I take Benadryl at night.  This helps me sleep and it’s safe to take with my other meds.

I might say that when I had my knee injury, I slept well.  I needed a little more sleep during that time, as well.  Maybe I needed it to heal.

Occasionally, I sleep well.  I still get vertigo.  I still get swaying.

Ideally, I get 6-1/4 hours of sleep.  Ideally, I sleep through the night and wake up no more than once.  Sometimes I get 5-3/4 and I’m fine.  If I get seven, I’m groggy, except I got seven during the knee injury.  Occasionally, I take a 10-minute nap.  This is very effective.  If I sleep a solid 20 minutes, I’m extremely groggy for hours and hours.

I think I won’t read this list (the previous post also contains the first part of the list).  I’ll skim.  This is ridiculously lengthy.  Just for the Notebook.

Just for You.

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