Readership of this blog has more than doubled in the past year

Readership of this blog has more than doubled in the past year.  First of all, I have my subscribers who receive my entries via e-mail.  Then there are people who drop in out of cyberspace either daily or, more likely, once every few days, to see what I’m up to.  I suspect there are 50 to 100 of these people.  There are people who are directed here from other sites such as sites that list interesting blogs to check out.  There is a site that lists one of my dog sweater patterns among other dog sweater patterns to check out.

However, many readers Google me!  The topic that brings in readers daily is dog sweaters.  Some people have contacted me to tell me that they came here to look at the dog sweaters, then got interested in the other things here, and stuck around.  Other topics Googled include refeeding edema, which brings in readers daily, my sprained ankle saga, my trileptal ordeal, my knee injury, tardive dyskinesia, and of course, many eating disorders issues.  If you want to read the story about my anorexia/eating disorders history, click here for the page.

As the time approaches, I will be discussing the release of my memoir in paperback form.  The timing of this depends on how quickly I’m able to get my act together and do the necessary work that the publisher (Chipmunkapublishers) requires me to do before the paperback is processed.  Right now, I’m dealing with so many problems with my anorexia that it’s really difficult to get this work done.  I get to the library to work about every ten days or so.  However, when I get there, I get lots of work done.  So things in that area are progressing.

Welcome to my blog, readers.  I hope you are continuing to enjoy yourselves.


One thought on “Readership of this blog has more than doubled in the past year”

  1. Good for you, Julie Greene!! Told ya that your presence is significant.

    Skim milk is not a solid food, by the way. Ever taste a KIND bar? Healthy and tasty. (and not too many calories…)

    MAZ xox

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