Update on depression @ 10:30am

Okay, I dragged myself into the shower.  Even in the shower, I felt the heaviness upon me, but once I got out, I started thinking of the laundry I’m going  to do at some point, and I started feeling a bit better.  So I got dressed (in shorts and a t-shirt) and I think I’m going to force myself out of the house to the post office soon.

The cool thing is that I’m now able to walk without a mobility aid (cane, crutches, etc) except when I’m carrying a heavy load or walking the dog.  I do use one crutch when I’m feeling a little bit “iffy” about my knee, or fatigued.  All this as of today.  We walked–that is, Puzzle and I–a mile this morning, as we did last night and the night before.  Only this morning, we walked fast.  So cool.  I plan to walk to the post office using the cane, just in case I get tired, and to save my knee for tonight’s walk with Puzzle.

The DMH person is coming tomorrow at 9:30.  His name is P.  I don’t know if he will be my regular person (then, unfortunately, he will be confused with Dr. P, or maybe I should call him PM) or if he is just here to assign me someone else.  I am hoping that this help will get me going in the right direction.

And…given that Peapod’s delivery fee is the same as a cab ride from the pet store home, I decided to use Peapod to acquire a new bag of dog food, as I did last time.  It’s on sale for $19, not the greatest price for this dog food, as I’m sure I can get it for a couple of bucks elsewhere, but a couple of bucks?  Really.  I’m not quibbling, given that I can get the driver to put this bag of dog food right into my pantry where I want it, and I can’t do it myself with this injury.  I have the space cleared.  Now, I had to buy a few things more to get my $60 minimum order.  This is a problem for my credit card for sure, as I don’t want to add to my expenses, but I bought non-food items that I either don’t want to carry home or can’t right now–a large bundle of toilet paper, Liquid Plumr (which I don’t want in my knapsack), a huge box of trash bags, which I buy about once a year if that and will have difficulty lugging home, and so on and so forth.

And so, in case you can’t tell, I’ve got the strength to press these keys and write to you.  I’m managing. I will get out to the post office and I will deal with these practicalities that I have mentioned here.  So today…..I will do my best to get through the day.  I assume the worst is over.  How could it not be?

One thought on “Update on depression @ 10:30am”

  1. Just be easy on that injury.
    And remember to breathe in and breathe out.
    Well, it helps me when I think the world’s against me.
    (I’ve recently realized that I can be my own worst enemy,just when I need to be a good friend!


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