I took Puzzle out after my nap, and….

I took Puzzle out after my ten-minute nap, and walked her around the fence.  It was so bad that I couldn’t even walk as far as the dumpster and back to throw out her poops.  I could hardly wait to get inside so that I could switch from the cane to two crutches.  So I did, and walked down the hall, two-crutched, to the trash room, to throw out her poops.  On the way over there, I passed my fucking gossipy neighbors.  I passed the Shopping Cart Lady, gossiping along with the rest of them.  This is the woman I told you about ages ago, who uses a shopping cart for a walker.   Shopping carts aren’t even allowed in the building.  She says she uses it because she has heart trouble.  She shoved her shopping cart at Puzzle once.  Puzzle has never forgotten this, and for the longest time, was seriously affected by the incident (she’s okay now).  Her stupid shopping cart/walker was right in my way.  Even the skinniest anorexic couldn’t possibly get past her shopping cart, let alone one on two crutches.  I returned to my apartment.  I boiled some eggs.  I should probably ice my knee in a little while.  I’ve been staying off of it, so it feels a lot better.

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