Another Mouthful Reading Coming Up

There will be another mouthful reading on May 13, 7:30pm at 99 Bishop Allen Drive in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  The featured readers will be the Cozy Street Writers: Mary Ashford, Margie Bleichman, Karin Downs, Margaret Kelner, Elsa Lichman, Elaine Schear and Aren Stone, who have been writing and reading together for 8 years.  Learn more about Cozy Street’s history and members by checking out their bios on Mouthful’s Features page.

I hope to be reading at the open mic at the Mouthful reading.  The reading opens its doors at 7pm.  I believe sign-up for the open mic is at 7:15.  There are five-minute and 10-minute slots for open mic readings.  A suggested donation is $3 to benefit the Sudan Reach Women’s Foundation.

I am not sure what I will read.  Maybe I will read from my Nano book, I am So Cold, and Hungry in My Soul.  This will be the first public exposure that the book gets.  Of course, I will be reading from an entirely unedited manuscript, but I don’t care!  Plenty of readers there read “hot off the press” stuff.

Last month, I read from the It Notebook,  my journal from this winter that I wrote during my relapse.  I was rather nervous while reading.  I don’t expect to be nearly as nervous this time.  It is tough reading from a journal.  I found this out quickly.

See you there.

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