More refeeding edema photos–these from today

I have now been cutting down on food and this is the second day at around noon.  I have walked eight miles so far today, which is has been normal for me for the past six weeks or so.   I normally walk and run both and cover an average of nine or 10 miles daily, but today I chose to walk only because of poor shoe fit due to refeeding edema.  I chose to cut back because I can no longer tolerate refeeding edema and massive weight gain.  I gained 10 pounds in 18 days.  Here are the photographs of the improvement in my edema between last night and today at noon following exercise and a day and a half of reduced caloric intake:


Refeeding Edema Saturday night 4/30/2011

Here are photos taken just now of the reduced refeeding edema.  It’s a little hard to see, but the difference is considerable:

Another photo of improved refeeding edema, taken at noon 5/1/2011
Another photo of improved refeeding edema, taken noon 5/1/2011

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