Refeeding Edema–Photograph

Here is a photograph of my ankles.  I am a person with anorexia who has been eating normally for maybe a month after a period of starvation.  I am underweight.  Then, suddenly, my weight jumped up about 10 pounds in 18 days.  I have been told that I have refeeding edema.  This is the way my ankles look right now at this moment.  They have been worse than this.  In general, my shoes feel uncomfortable and tight.  I can’t lace them properly.  I am a runner and my running has slowed from 11 min/mile or faster to 12 min/mile, probably slower.  This morning, although the edema didn’t make it impossible to get my shoes on okay, my feet were uncomfortable in them, and if this edema gets worse, I will not be able to run.  This evening my shoes were very uncomfortable and I had to shorten my dog’s walk.  Here is the photo:

Refeeding Edema, 4/30/2011

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