My "vacation" Day One this is how it's going at 3pm

3pm-my ankles are still swollen.  I have cut out a total of 230 calories so far from what I normally eat up till now.  By the end of the day, it will be another 120, total 340. I was starving this morning @9am even though I had eaten after PZ’s walk.  I kept myself busy until lunch.  I didn’t feel up to walking to the supermarket today.  Too depressed I guess, so I walked to the convenience store and bought diet cola–my friend–like the old days. Or maybe I was just too hungry to walk anywhere.  I walked to the track, walked a mile, ran 1.75, walked .25, walked home, walked PZ a mile, and walked a mile (total round trip, that is) to the convenience store and back–total 7 miles so far today.

Knowing my luck, my weight will probably still go up, up, up.  It is my body’s fate right now.

This is ridiculous.  I shouldn’t be telling you these things.  I should keep it to myself.  It is none of your business.

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