I have signed up for my next 5k!

I have signed up for my next 5k!  It will be the Larry Kessler 5k in Boston on June 5, 2011.  The run is to benefit the AIDS Action Committee, and is part of the 10k AIDS Walk.  These are annual events.  The run goes along the Charles River, and begins at 9:50.

It was not as nerve-wracking signing up for this 5k as it was signing up for my first 5k, the Winter Classic, which took place last December.  I already know what a race is like, since I have done one now.  This will be a much bigger race, I think.  I have a personal donation page, but I don’t think I’ll post the URL here.  Or maybe I will.  It is a private page.  I have a personal blog there that is like this blog that talks about my running progress and about AIDS.

I have overdone it over the past eight days since getting over the infection from the infected tooth.  I put in 72-1/2 miles on my new running shoes in those eight days.  Forty-three percent of that was running and the rest was walking.  Imagine that.  I have run five miles every other day, and three or so every day off.  And I haven’t had enough sleep.  It’s the sleep thing that’s the clincher.  I need to sleep.  Very much so.

It seems that I can’t stop exercising.  It’s like I feel compelled to get to the track at the crack of dawn.  I leave the house so that I arrive at the track just as it’s light enough to run.  This means exiting my apartment at around 5:10 on a clear morning, which means getting up at 4:10.  It’ll be much earlier as spring progresses.  This is scary.  A couple of times, I’ve woken up at 2:30am and stayed up.  When I go to the gym, I wake up at 3:35 and leave the house at 4:35 to get to the gym when they open at 5.  Isn’t this a bit much?  Last night, our washing machine malfunctioned and I was up past 11.  Well past 11.  Maybe 11:45.  And then woke up at 4:10.  So you see where this is headed.  Pure exhaustion.  And I’m going to get injured if this keeps up.

Meanwhile, I’ve got a race coming up.  I’ve got to train well.  Training well means taking care of my body, getting enough sleep, eating well, and knowing when enough is enough.

Okay, enough was enough today.  I admit it.  Tomorrow, rest.  I promise.

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