My experiences with food for running

My sense is that there are some “universal” foods that runners swear by: bananas, orange juice, peanut butter on a slice of bread, grape juice, low-sugar granola bars, and let us not forget water.  I have played around with various combinations of these foods and have found that they work well.  They give me instant energy but also keep me going over the long haul.  They are not overly filling, so my stomach doesn’t bother me while I run.  Most people like to eat about an hour before they run.  For me, I like to eat either a half hour or 15 minutes before I leave the house, and this gives me enough time to walk to the gym or the track and get ready to run, and by the time I’m actually running, it’s been an hour after I’ve eaten.  I don’t like to run after lunch, and have never mastered this.  I am only able to run after my usual breakfast of “running food.”

But…I don’t eat those usual running foods anymore.  My latest foods for morning running are these: rice with sesame oil, 12 oz milk, and 1/2 cup orange juice.  I use white rice.  Why this works I don’t know, but I eat it every morning before I run, and my runs have never been better.  Also, I eat a small potato and a fair quantity of cooked broccoli as a bedtime snack.  I do not add butter or margarine to my potato or broccoli, nor do I add salt or seasoning.  I am afraid that if I do so, it will interfere with my sleep.

So I guess I’m unconventional.  But this works for me.  Plenty of people in many countries around the world eat rice for breakfast.  Rice is very inexpensive and easy to cook.

This morning, I ran five miles on white rice with sesame oil, OJ, and milk.  I have never felt stronger.  This is the farthest I have ever run, ever.   I’m going to keep doing what I am doing–keep on eating healthy, take good care of myself, be strong and fit and giving and kind and loving and………get ready for my next 5k.

Feedback and comments welcome!