I walked ten miles today

Maybe walking ten miles today wasn’t the greatest idea.  But probably it wasn’t the worst.  I could have bought $100 in scratch tickets…that’s $100 wasted.  Yes, it’s $100 to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  But I’d rather spend a few hours getting strong muscles than blowing money on nothing.

I walked really, really fast at the track today.  I used running music and walked to it.  I increased the speed as I went along.  I started at 135 BPM and went up to 139 BPM over three miles, then slowly decreased, to as slow as 133 BPM over the last mile.  (I run at 175 BPM, and in the end I was trying out 180 BPM, so that’s a lot faster.)  I walked to and from the track as well: total six miles.  I left at 1:30pm and returned at around 3pm.  Then later, I walked to the supermarket and back.  And this morning, I had walked Puzzle a couple of miles.

You’d think my ankle would hurt, but I seem to be over that injury just fine now. Nothing else really hurts except my hip joints.  Yesterday, I stopped at the gym when I was running errands, and hit the treadmill for an hour.  Apparently, these treadmills only let you use them for an hour and then they start the “cool down” phase.  I walked 3.75 miles, cooling down quite a bit toward the end.

Well, I’ve got to slow down.  This is too damn much.  I will wear myself out if I keep this up.  It’s one thing to run for a half hour a day and it’s quite another to walk for two and a half hours a day, the length of time it takes to briskly walk ten miles.

Can I stop doing this?  How?  Do I want to stop?  No.  There lies the problem.  I feel compelled to exercise at this point, and the compulsion is so strong to the point of being uncomfortable, so instead of trying to fight it, which makes me even more uncomfortable, I go along with it, fuel the fire–or, rather, don’t fuel it–that is another problem.

Tomorrow, Puzzle is getting groomed.  I will walk Puzzle to the groomer’s.  It’s just over a mile there and a mile back.  Then I will walk there and pick her up, and walk back with her.  Total: four miles.  Hmm….It’s going to be a nice day, anyway, and very little traffic.  Of course, that was the plan.  No traffic.  Nice day.  Everyone should have a nice day with no traffic.  Four miles and a shampoo, haircut, and blow dry all over your body. Let’s not forget the bandanna afterward.

Now, that sounds nice, doesn’t it?

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