Regarding the extraction of wisdom teeth

As the oral surgeon explained to me, all four of my wisdom teeth have problems.  All four should be pulled, he explained.  Here was his reasoning:

If, for instance, the upper tooth is pulled, and the lower is left, the lower has no partner to chew with, so the lower is useless.

Moreover, if the lower is pulled, and the upper is left, the upper has no partner to chew with, so the upper is useless.

Both the upper and lower have serious problems.  Not one or the other is to blame.  These teeth are very far back in the mouth, so the problem can be solved by extracting these teeth.

This, however, will not be as simple a procedure than one may expect.  My age is a consideration.  The oral surgeon explained that he would prefer not to use anesthesia, given my “medical issues” (I don’t think he was talking about the three screws in my knee, exactly).  He explained that during the procedure, my jaw might go into spasm.   He said that I should raise my hand if anything hurt, so that he would know to proceed more gently.  There may be swelling.  I may experience pain for a while afterward.

But yes, there were problems related to my teeth, and it takes a relationship some time to heal.

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  1. What fun that will be, huh? Guess the only way through it is through it… Pardon the Zen comment.

    Ultimately, you will feel better, Julie Greene,
    amd consider this more writing material…


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