Off Effexor: Day One

Without the binge-urge, I am free.
Free!  Free!  Free!
No longer enslaved to a craving so cruel
That it would take my life
Along with it
Even if I didn’t die
It would have all of me
In its grips
And life
Would have been as useless
As crushed chewing gum
On the pavement
Left there to die
By some careless boy
Who didn’t bother to wrap it
And carefully toss it
In the trash
No longer of use to anyone
The gum would just sit there
And get stepped on
Until ultimately the road
Got chopped up in construction
As inevitably all roads do.

Free!  Free! Free!
Now, I have saliva
No more dry mouth
Yet the antidepressant effects
Have not yet worn off
I can say that I feel truly myself
Which is rare these days.

I felt myself in the hospital
A couple of times
An afternoon here and there
It didn’t last long
And I don’t expect this will, either,
Cuz I know
I have a long way to go.

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