The It Notebook: Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sorry I’m so behind on this!  I’ll catch up!  Soon!

Further adventures with It

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I seem to have woken up with the physical sensations of It but not the mental confusion.  I dressed with ease and waited for it to get light out enough to give Puzzle her walk.  Unfortunately, confusion set in, and I knew Puzzle would have to wait.  My current rule is that I must be able to read and understand THOROUGHLY a paragraph of printed text.  This morning I made sure I understood an e-mail.  I have since changed this rule: I must fully understand four or five sentences (paragraphs can be too long) of a writer such as Hemingway.  No, I do not have to understand any deeper meaning or metaphor or symbol, only what is happening and what is being literally described.  Not Borges.  Not James Joyce.  Something straightforward.  And not tiny print, which is too difficult for me.  So I will do the “reading test” ever time just prior to Puzzle’s walks to be absolutely, 100% certain that my head is very, very clear, and if it is not, Puzzle will have to wait.  I worked all this out prior to leaving the hospital: she can effortlessly go 18 hours without peeing.  She I walk her late in the evening in case I am not clear at our usual walk time in the morning.  Today is the first day that she has had to wait.  Hopefully, this won’t happen too often.  I was able to walk her at 9:45, not at all unreasonable.  And Puzzle, dearest, completely understood, and forgave me.

NOTE: Looking over my records, I note that it is in fact the second day.  I suspect there will be more.

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