The Puzzle Cure Experiment Results


I found that I was unable to give myself a standing dose of Puzzle.  I was unable to do Intensive Petting while I was not experiencing It.  I am only able to do Intensive Petting while experiencing It, for some reason.  Weird.  Maybe it is only possible while my thoughts are mixed up, or otherwise altered.

I tried–again–using doses of Puzzle PRN.  This did not work to rid myself of It.  Two or three times I tried the Puzzle Cure and all times Intensive Petting did not work.

I did, however, notice that my Puzzle and I were of course in synch while engaged in Intensive Petting, and that my thoughts are aligned with her, and this means that my thoughts are aligned–with something. I tried conversing with her.  “I love you, Puzzle!” I said, again and again.  “I love you, Puzzle!”  I said a bunch of other things but I forget now what I said.  I don’t know if I was making sense but I believe I was.

Then, I tried another experiment.  I picked up the phone–still petting Puzzle–and dialed my T’s number.  I tried to leave her a message regarding our appointment time on Wednesday, but found that the spell was broken and my thoughts were again about as jumbled as they had been before.  I was barely able to get the words out.

Puzzle and I…in synch…I can speculate a lot about this experiment.  What power she has!  No matter what It is, whether It is a seizure or a weird type of depression, I don’t think Dr. P or my T will be all that surprised by this.

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