Oh wow Puzzle

I may be onto something.  Today I petted Puzzle twice to “cure” It.  The first time, as I may have stated, the “Puzzle Cure” worked almost instantly.  The second time, the “Puzzle Cure” took about 10 minutes.  Now, when you consider that Puzzle doesn’t shed, I’d say there are absolutely no side effects to this medicine.  You won’t get Tardive Dyskinesia.  You won’t get dry mouth or constipation.  You don’t have to fight the insurance companies to get “approval” for her and there’s no “copay.”  Yes, there’s a lot of care you have to do, but isn’t it a joyful thing?  You can’t overdose on a dog, after all.  Hardly.  Ever take a pill to the vet?  Consider the cost of a drug that hasn’t come out in generic yet such as Abilify, and add all the other meds I take, and you’ll see that dog ownership is much, much cheaper.

Actually, after having petted Puzzle twice today, about two hours apart, I feel clearer than I have felt in a number of days now.  That says a lot.

Okay.  This is not regular petting.  I already have a name for it: Intensive Petting.  You do it a certain way.  I have already learned it instinctively out of dire necessity.  I need this dog.  Always have.  She needs me, too.

So tomorrow, this is what I will try: Because there are no side-effects, I can be on a “standing dose” of Puzzle.  That is, I can get as much Puzzle as I want with no ill effects.  I plan to pet Puzzle before her walk tomorrow for as long as it takes to clear my head.  This will be very frustrating for her, so I don’t know how well it will work.  We’ll see.  Then I will set the “Puzzle timer” on my watch, that will ring every two hours.  I plan to pet Puzzle every two hours.  That should hold me for the day.  Let’s see how that works.

Wish us the best.

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