Watch Julie cross the finish line! Great photos! The Winter Classic, my first 5k, ever!

Click on  Then click on the film icon on the top of the page.  This is the icon on the top, the one on the right.  Then watch six images.  I am wearing a red jacket and a knit hat I made for myself quite some time ago.  My “Winter Classic 5k” shirt is sticking out the bottom.  I am wearing black legwarmers, which work amazingly well to keep feet warm.  I am bib #167.  I have saved the bib and put it up on the inside of my apartment door.   I can look at it every time I go out, and feel very, very proud of myself.  The finish line was on Sidney Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts, near Central Square.

My narrative of this race will be coming soon, probably today.  Stay tuned and keep checking back.


Here is my account of the race!

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