The Winter Classic 5k–I promise an article real soon!

The Winter Classic 5k was my first race ever, so it was a very emotional experience for me.  It is taking a while for me to gather my thoughts on this.  I promise I will write on it, probably later today, maybe tonight.  I hope to go running this afternoon at the gym even though it’s the day after the race and originally I had planned on a day off.  So maybe tonight I’ll have something to say about yesterday’s big event!  It was quite something!  Keep checking back here!

For photos of me, click here:



Here’s the article!

One thought on “The Winter Classic 5k–I promise an article real soon!”

    How glorious it feels to complete a race, huh? And after all that you’ve been through. Please rest a bit, stretch those legs, and congratulations from me to you!

    MAZ xox

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