I am a National Novel Writing Month 2010 winner!

I have just completed my novel–50,119 words according to my Word program, 50,040 words according to Nano’s word counter.  So I am a winner again this year.

The name of my novel is I am So Cold, and Hungry in My Soul.

I am finished at last, after 17 days, as of 6:07 this morning, Eastern Standard Time.

I didn’t really stress myself out this year.  I took care of myself throughout the 17 days that I was writing this novel.  I fed myself wholesome meals.  Exercised.  Took care of Puzzle.  Kept my body clean.  Even did the dishes.  Now, I must catch up on the laundry.

The experience was emotional and exhilarating.  I cried a lot.  Laughed a lot.  For much of the time, I was reminded of last year’s Nano, when I wrote Summer in November, a book about my body, locked myself in the library, and starved myself while writing it, the whole time.  I think of last year’s Nano and how different this year is, and I weep, not necessarily with joy.

I hate my body.  I love my body.  I hate my body and love my body both.   During this year’s Nano I went through times that I wanted to starve myself, then just let it go, and once again fed myself.

I have gotten stronger and can run faster and farther.  I kept up with my running throughout Nano, running, running nearly every day.  I ran for the joy of it.  I ran with tears in my eyes.  I ran with sweat on my body.  I ran, and then came home and wrote more words.  And more.

My book ended just shy of 50,000.  I wrote the ending and found I was short 300 words.  It wasn’t hard to add the extra 300.  I found that the bare-bones dialogue needed some extra bit of detail that was easy to fill in.  The last detail I added was a Red Sox shirt on a man who had an overweight beagle dog in a vet’s office.

The book ends with May staggering on Main Street after a spring rain.

The book is dedicated to Frank, and takes place in Boston.  I don’t think Frank has ever been to Boston, but he has been to Worcester, Massachusetts, which isn’t too far from here.

There is a subway stop in Boston on the Red Line called Porter Square that nobody ever forgets.  The stairs are especially steep, and extra escalators have been added.  You don’t want the escalators to fail at Porter Square, and you especially don’t want the elevators to break down.  The height drop is staggering.  If you are afraid of heights at all, or even if you are not afraid of heights, you are afraid at Porter Square.

I hope to climb the stairs at Porter Square soon.  Not take the escalator.  The stairs.

I remember not long ago I couldn’t do a single flight of stairs.  I could barely walk a block, I was so weak from not eating.  I shouldn’t have even been walking the dog.  It was simply not safe.  Now, I can run 5K.  That’s 3.1 miles.  This little fact totally overwhelms me.

A lot of little facts are overwhelming me right now.  I need to rest and get my bearings.  Nano is over.  More later.


2 thoughts on “I am a National Novel Writing Month 2010 winner!”

  1. How wonderful!!!
    Get some rest and be good to yourself, Julie Greene.
    And run a few miles for me, please. I was an avid runner long before MS; completed a 10-mile race in Worcester, my hometown!

    MAZ xox

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