Awesome machine

I can do so many things.  I can think straight.  I can write.  I sleep soundly.  I wake up feeling great.  I love others.  I nourish my body.  I care for my dog.  I can choose foods wisely.

My body parts work together brilliantly.  See how each part is connected.  See how the veins run back and forth in my arms, veins that carry blood around my body.  See how my teeth sit in my mouth, ready to do what they’re supposed to do.

My body is an awesome machine.  I can walk for miles.  I can even run now.  I have energy.   I have a spring in my step.  If I fall, which is rare, I jump back up again quickly.  My skin is clear and my hair is shiny.  I appear younger than I am.

I care for my body.  I don’t want anything bad to happen to it.  I want to give it all the nourishment it needs.  I do not want to starve it anymore.  I do not want to be mean to my body…ever again!


2 thoughts on “Awesome machine”

  1. 1) Are you on some magic, new med? Or I guess the embrace of yourself is so invigorating after all that self-loathing. BRAVO.

    2) Who answers questions on WordPress? Is there a customer service?

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