My double vision–as it turns out

As it turns out, my double vision problem isn’t serious, and it doesn’t come from malnutrition.  Rather, it is a consequence of having a high degree of myopia (nearsightedness).  I have what’s known as vertical diplopia.  This means that I see one image on top of the other.  Sometimes people who are very nearsighted, as I am, experience their eyes turning outward.  It is a weird muscle thing.  This is what’s causing the double vision.  My eye doctor said it’s not dangerous because it isn’t happening all the time, just some of the time, and not when I’m out walking.  I don’t drive or have a driver’s license or ride a road bicycle.  I told him that if I had to drive, I would certainly be unable to do so because of this problem.  One thing he said he could do would be to give me glasses with prisms in them to correct the double vision, but this, he felt, was not a good idea.  Why?  He said that my eyes would adjust, and turn outward again, and I would need more and more prisms.

So I see double sometimes.  A lot of the time.  When I was in therapy today, I had two therapists.  Imagine that.  I was being observed by a team.   Two people both talking at once.  Not only that, but they both had the same name.  Try going through psychological testing with double vision, and you’ll get twice the diagnoses, and then some.

When I go to therapy, I am required to bring a snack and eat it there.  Today, I did something different: I brought lunch with me.  Well, a small lunch.  Or should I say, it appeared to be two lunches, so I guess it was an awful lot of food, with two spoons in fact.  I ate it all.   Twice.   I’m sure both my therapists were equally thrilled.  Actually, if one had been thrilled and one hadn’t been, it would have been one hell of an optical illusion.

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