I didn’t schedule weigh-in for this week

I deliberately didn’t make the call to schedule a weigh-in for this week.  Normally, I get weighed by my primary care physician Mondays, meaning that today would have been the day.  But no, I was sneaky.  I’m so sick of the whole routine.  Call the cab.  Take the cab there.  Pay the driver $9.  Get in to the office and wait about 7 minutes for Dr. K.  Her cheery face.  Get undressed and into a johnny.  It is either a lightweight johnny or a nice heavyweight one, depending on what’s on top of the stack.  Dr. K knocks on the door to see if I’m ready.  I step on the scale.

It’s always the same number.  I have rigged it this way.  And last week, she caught me in this game.

So this week, I didn’t bother.  Why waste her time, my time, everyone’s time, $9?

So maybe I’ll get a call from her asking where I am.  Maybe not.  Maybe she’ll call Dr. P to “taddle” on me.

When I told Dr. P and my T that I once weighed 6 pounds less than Dr. K’s scale said, they were shocked.  I had, indeed, pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes.

Yeah, that’s enough wool to make another sweater for Puzzle.

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