As it turned out

As it turned out, I was not admitted to the day program.

Get this: they don’t want me until I’m more “stable.”  A lotta sense that makes.  Don’t people go to programs to get stable?  Well, when I do get stable, I sure won’t need or want day treatment, that’s for sure!

For a change, my therapist agreed with me.

Thankfully, nor do I have to go to the hospital.  This issue seems to be resolved.

My therapist is still encouraging me to voluntarily agree to get locked up, have my rights taken away, get force-fed, and forced to gain weight at an inhumane rate in a “hospital.”  She wants me to do this so that I will “gain weight faster.”  IMHO, rapid weight gain alone is not only unnatural and taxing on the body, it is cruel and unusual punishment.  So I told her, “Maybe some other time.”

No, I’m only kidding.  I told her, “No way!”

She said, “Well, then, you have to eat.”

I said, “I suppose I do.”

2 thoughts on “As it turned out”

  1. Have you tried those nutritonal drinks??
    Maybe the weight would be more stable (and increase.)

    Don’t want to lose you, sweetie, not drag you to a pizza parlor.


    1. They made us drink Boost in the hospital. It makes me feel like I’ve got a huge lead ball in my stomach.

      I’m pretty much afraid to drink that stuff. I used to drink one of those drinks and then not eat. I stopped doing that when I decided that consuming refined sugar was a bad idea, no matter what I was going to do weight-wise.

      Oh, BTW, they also made us eat stuff like Oreos in the hospital. I don’t get it. Some people are addicted to sugar. Once they take one bite, they’re off.

      On the other hand, maybe they were trying to desensitize people??? Now, that would make sense, definitely. Depends on how you view ED’s–either you can recover, or you are always in recovery. Big topic of debate. In the hospital, the aim was full recovery. I don’t believe, after 30 years, that there’s a chance in hell that I’ll ever fully recover. I mean, let’s be realistic. But as for sugar addiction, no, I don’t believe that’s my problem, not really, and I’ve been at this a long time and thought about it a lot. I avoid refined sugar…I don’t know why. So no nutritional drinks for me. I eat dried fruit, though. Plenty of that.

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