She said yes

My therapist said yes to the program, and said that she will not hospitalize me.

I am so relieved.  That was truly a close call, because I would have had to go in had I not come up with this suggestion.

I do think my idea took her by surprise.  But she’s getting the ball rolling.  It looks like I will be accepted.  I guess generally this is the case–if the need is there.

A “day program” is an alternative to hospitalization, or a place where you go after the hospital, or a transition from the hospital to a job, or a more supportive environment than just being at home.  It is generally Monday through Friday, usually five or six hours a day, with a lunch break.  It is a group program, in other words, there are groups that you attend during the day, and this is the main structure.

I am hoping to attend part-time, either a three days a week, or part days, or to bring Puzzle in with me, because I don’t want to leave her alone all day five days a week.

Once I am in the program, dear readers, it will be my choice and obligation to remain silent about my experience there.  I will not tell you anything about it, about the name of the program, its location, the people in it, the staff, the groups, nothing, only that I am attending the program.  I will talk about other things here.  I have plenty else to talk about.

Meanwhile, I must, must keep it together.  I promised my therapist that I would do this.  I am not entirely certain that I can.   I am barely eating. I told her I would eat but I know I cannot eat right now.  She wants me to go grocery shopping but I have no strength to do so.  Somehow, though, I will make it through.

My next appointment is Tuesday.  We should get the paperwork done then.

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