One unfortunate consequence of weight gain

My right knee is starting to hurt.  Both knees hurt.  Last time I was weighed, I had gained four and a half pounds, and by now it’s five or six.  That’s like carrying around a six-pound knapsack–not only for a fifteen-minute walk to the library, but every waking hour.  My knees can’t take it.

When I first started this blog in 2005 or so, I had just recovered, or was recovering from a devastating knee injury due to rapid weight gain.  Now, I foresee this happening again.  There is little I can do to prevent it from happening, except the obvious–well, yeah–#1 lose the weight–dumb–#2 stop gaining weight–more plausible, but not really, cuz then I’ll end up at the ED hospital and have even more rapid weight gain forced on me, and I’ll end up in a wheelchair again.   Right now,  I’ve been trying to strengthen my leg muscles, quadriceps in particular, because I know this is necessary to support healthy knees.  I have to have muscles to hold up my body.  I learned this from a physical therapist when I had my injury.  Physical therapy, by the way, didn’t do jack shit for the injury–losing weight cured it 100%.

So far, I have not developed a backache.  I am expecting one, though.  I had a terrible backache at the ED hospital.  Perhaps this was because they forced me to have a constantly overstuffed stomach.  That would give anyone very bad back pain.

I don’t know what to do about my knees.  I called my doctor, got her voicemail, but didn’t leave a message, just hung up.  My therapist is on vacation until Tuesday.  No use leaving her a message.  So I left her a message.   I told her about what I told you here, the short version.  I concluded by saying that if this continues, I will be on crutches or in a wheelchair in a month’s time, which is the truth.

Imagine that.

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