The reading was a success

I consider the reading at the Summer Slumberfest to have been a success!  Immediately after the reading, I received feedback from three people who said they could understand me perfectly via the stream, and that I read clearly and passionately.

My preparations were extensive.  I spent a long time getting the piece together, making appropriate cuts and making certain that it fit within time guidelines.  I practiced a number of times, but the out-loud reading didn’t need extensive work, as it came together rather easily.  This section of “Walking the Line” has a flow that lends itself well to reading aloud.  David and I got together via Skype ahead of time to make sure everything was okay technically.  It was complicated on his end to get the broadcast just right.  I can’t begin to imagine all the work that went into the Slumberfest project.  You can still view it at

until 12pm Eastern Time, 9pm California Time.

I didn’t have a chance to turn on my recorder, but after thinking about it, it would work out better if I recorded directly into my webcam, anyway, so I’ll do that. It won’t be nearly as exciting as a live recording.  I’ll try to get it posted on here for everyone to hear.

I am very proud of myself for giving my first public reading of THIS since my announcement of its acceptance for publication!  Yippee!

Feedback and comments welcome!