Note: Pattern updated

I have put in a number of last-minute updates to the Lamb’s Pride Sweater for Female Dog Designed by Julie Greene.

The latest update is a correction to the braid panel.  Ms. Pawlowski made some serious errors when she wrote out the braid pattern.  In her pattern, in order to correspond with the photo, Row 8 should have read: p4, BC, p4, FC, p4; not p4, FC, p4,  BC, p4.  Row 20, in turn, was incorrect.  However, I have already done Row 8 as she has instructed, so I must adapt Row 20 accordingly.   So in the Lamb’s Pride Dog Sweater, please do Row 20 as follows: P4, FC, p4, BC, p4.  Please keep Row 8 as p4, FC, p4, BC, p4.  I have made the correction in the post.

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