Knitters, Support Our Troops: Operation Helmetliner

What does “Support Our Troops” mean?  It doesn’t mean having a certain political viewpoint or supporting a certain political candidate, or even having a certain opinion about war.

If you really want to support the troops, do something in your own way to directly help them.

Operation Helmetliner is one of these ways to directly help the troops.  There is a need: Soldiers need to stay warm.  It is a well-known fact that one loses a great deal of heat through one’s head.  Wool is an excellent insulator.  A helmet is not.  To stay warm, a wool liner under a helmet seems like an excellent idea.  So–you guessed it–a bunch of knitters have gotten together, written up a pattern, and have been knitting helmetliners for the soldiers.

Go to this URL: and click on operation helmetliner to find out more.

Unfortunately, due to regulations, you can’t put decorations on these, or use funky colors, stripes, etc, just regulation colors, black preferably.  If you do something wrong–make it out of synthetic instead of wool, for instance–they won’t give it to the troops, they will donate it to charity.  It’s very interesting how it all works.

Here is a photograph of a soldier wearing a helmetliner, under his helmet:

I am wondering if the helmetliner would also be useful under a bicycle helmet.  However, it may not be, as a bicycle helmet must be firmly seated on one’s head, and not able to slide at all.  I will have to ask a cyclist about this.  Maybe my brother would know.

Go, knitters!

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