New knitted dog sweater pattern — free!

I have just designed and created this dog sweater.  I am currently knitting it.  I will keep you informed of my progress, and post photos, in future posts.  Keep checking back for updates and changes to the pattern.  I have made a few changes since first posting it.


This sweater is for a female dog!  Male version coming soon!

Lamb’s Pride Braided Dog Sweater for Female Dog designed by Julie Greene

Fits  my Schnoodle dog, *Puzzle.*  Size M.  Adjust to fit your own dog.

Brown Sheep Company Lamb’s Pride Bulky

You will need three skeins.

Gauge: 11 stitches = 3 inches on size 9 needles in stockinette stitch

Materials: Size 9 dpn’s, set of 5; Size 9, 16-inch circular needle (I used two of these circular needles for the rear band); cable stitch holder; stitch markers; tapestry needle; size 9 straight needles for chest piece, if desired, set of 2; small safety pin, two stitch holders.

Dimensions: Neck: 9 inches (will stretch considerably to go over head).  Chest: 17 inches.  Belly: somewhat smaller.  Length: roughly 12 inches from shoulder to back of sweater.  Sleeve width: 1-1/2 inch (will stretch).  3 inches between neck and shoulder.  2 inches between legs (will stretch).

Regarding color:  I would suggest using a matching dark color for the collar, sleeves, and band.  Use lighter colors for the chest panel, braid panel, shoulder, body, and end back.

Colors shown: Brown heather (collar), Oatmeal, Bronze (pinstripes), Sandy Heather

Pinstripes are not written into the pattern.  If you want to make the pinstripes shown, separate them by 3/4-inch segments (four rows) of a lighter color.


Begin neck.  Loosely cast on 36 stitches and knit K2 P1 for three inches.  Put 10 stitches on a stitch holder, placing a marker in the center of the 10 stitches, and work with the other 26.

In stockinette stitch, work the 26 stitches, adding 36 stitches in 7 inches.  Do this by adding 2 stitches every other row, by K both front and back of the stitch, every K row, or M1, in the each side of the row, near the edge.  Do this for 36 rows and you will add the required 36 stitches.  Keep going to make it seven inches.  62 stitches = 17 inches around.

Place a marker and join.  You now have a marker on the top and bottom of the sweater.

Continue in stockinette stitch for two inches in the round.  Then begin the braid, centered, 12 st before  marker.  It is a 24×26 panel:

R1: p2, k3, p4, k6, p4, k3, p2

R2: Repeat Row 1

Row 3: and all subsequent odd rows: k all k st, p all p st

R 4: p2, (SFC,P2, SBC) twice, p2

R6: P3, SFC, SBC, P2, SFC, SBC, P3

R8: P4, FC, P4 , BC, P4

R 10: P3, SBC, SFC, P2, SBC, SFC, P3

R 12: P2 ( SBC, P2 SFC) twice, P2

R 14: P2 K3, P4, BC, P4, K3, P2

R ,16 and 18 repeat rows 4 and 6

R 20 P4, FC, P4, BC, P4

Rows 22 and 24 Repeat 10 and 12.

Row 26: k all the k stitches, p all the p stitches

FC = sl 3 st onto cn, hold in front, k 3, k 3 from cn

BC = sl 3 st onto cn, hold in back, k 3, k 3 from cn

SFC = sl 3 st onto cn, hold in front, p1, k 3 from cn

SBC = sl 1 st onto cn, hold in back, k 3, p 1 from cn

Note: Braid will stretch width-wise when worn by your dog.

Meanwhile, at 5 inches past where you joined and started in the round (measure underneath), put the 6 center bottom stitches on a holder.  Do this after an EVEN braid row, so you can purl back and work the next row by knitting the purl stitches and purling the knit stitches.

Work the remaining stitches as follows:  Sl 1 K 1 psso K to last 2 st K2 tog.  This decreases by 2, one stitch on either side. Do this every K row.  Back will be 36 st, 10 inches wide.  If necessary, adjust decreases so that there are 6 K stitches on either side of the 24-stitch braid panel.

Once you have decreased to 36 stitches, stop decreasing, and continue with the back until you have four more inches from where you stopped knitting in the round.  Put on a stitch holder.  Meanwhile, you have completed the braid panel.

Knit up 21 stitches on side of body, knit up stitches in both stitch holders and knit up 21 stitches on other side of body for rear band, in K2 P1 ribbing, for one inch.  Bind off in ribbing.

Chest Panel:

Start chest with the 10 stitches from the stitch holder at the neck.  Place a pin in the center of the 10 stitches, on the neckline.  Also you have a marker in the center of the ten stitches.  Work in K1 P1 ribbing.  Within the first 3 rows, add 12 stitches.  Now you have 22 stitches and are working in K2 P1 ribbing, starting and ending the front side row with a p stitch.  After 3 inches, make slits for legs.  Make sure the marker is lined up with the pin.   Bind off 2 five-stitch segments on both sides, each 3 stitches from the marker, so there are 6 stitches between the slits, and then when you come back, cast on these 5 stitches, making two slits.  Bind off and cast on very loosely.  After two more inches, bind off.

Add sleeves.  I would suggest 24 stitches around.  Pick up these stitches with the right side facing you.  Knit up in K2 P1 ribbing.  Make the sleeves one inch long, then bind off loosely in ribbing.

Attach main piece to chest piece.  This is tricky as they appear not to fit together.  Stretch the main piece chest opening widthwise, so that the “V” is straight.  Line up the “V” with the center of the long part of the chest piece.  Remember, chest piece stretches.

Weave in ends.  You are done!


I wrote a couple more patterns that you can find if you click on the tag, Dog Sweaters.

Here’s a basic patchwork layout:


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