Another change made to dog sweater pattern–please read

NOTE: the shoulder increase panel should be six inches long, not three!!!!  So when you increase, do it only on the K rows, not the K and P rows both.  We want Puzzle’s front leg area to fit into this sweater!  Otherwise, she won’t be able to go for walks very easily!  I fixed the pattern post (see post) to reflect this change.

I have a bit of ripping out to do now.  No harm done.

I have had to make adjustments, because my gauge is slightly off.  I have not changed the pattern as I have written it, but when I make it, I’ll use 62 stitches around, not 56, to make a 17-inch chest, which was what was planned in the first place, but for some reason that wasn’t what I was getting.

Puzzle has grown a tiny bit in the past year  (she’s 3) and now weighs 17.4 pounds.

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