I wrote a passage and actually started crying over it.  I am either exhausted or it was a darned touching chapter.

I think this chapter needs to be near the end.  Like at the climax.  This can be done with a simple cut and paste.  Later.  Not now.

I have never had the experience of having my own writing send me into tears.  I must be deluded.

I am actually wondering if my book might be decent after all.

Could it be?  Could it have merit at all?

Chris Baty, in his book No Plot? No Problem! states that one should go back and look at one’s masterpiece after a certain amount of time has passed, say, a couple of weeks (I don’t happen to recall what he said) and just read it, and then decide if it’s worth saving and working on.  He said a couple of his books he ended up scrapping.

Imagine that.

I am hereby forewarned.

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