Day Five – Nano update

I have over 19,000 words today.  I am calling it quits right now for the day, and getting ready for knitting class, which is tonight.

I have had tremendous trouble sleeping, so I put in a call to Dr. P, who recommended a temporary increase in one of my medications.  This I welcome.  I don’t enjoy a sleepless night.

I haven’t worked this hard since I was revising my thesis during my last semester at Goddard.   Of course, I revised for longer than a month.  At Goddard we have about eight weeks to revise.  But I worked the hardest during the first three weeks of revision period.  I am having deja vu.

I am not eating very much, and running out of food at home.  I have lost two pounds.  I get weighed on Monday.  I will make sure that the loss isn’t reflected on Dr. K’s scale.  If it is, I am in serious deep water.

Feedback and comments welcome!