Standing Up

The truth is, I weathered the transition to post-Goddard very well.  I think I’m happy.  I know I’m happy.  I’m very busy, especially with my stand-up comedy class.  With stand-up, I’ve found a new identity for myself.

My stand-up comedy act pokes fun at family therapy.  I imitate my parents and act out a typical family therapy session with them.  That in itself is very funny.  Then I have this character Irene.  She’s based on a character out of my memoir, but by the time I got done writing my routine, she was very changed, of course.  I have a middle section about one of my adventures with Irene, loosely based on a real incident, and then return to family therapy.  And that’s it.  The entire act takes ten minutes.

The class instructor wants me to write more, and I intend to do so.  Much of stand-up involves writing.  I love the writing part.  I have already written a new act, and am planning out more jokes.

When I do stand-up, I’m a different person.  I’m loud.  I’m animated.  I’m a little bossy, and I am quick to poke fun at the audience.  Ordinarily (for those of you who have never met me) I am kind of mousy, quiet, restrained, and methodical.   I find this change incredibly exciting.

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