Schnoodle Puppies – A Schnoodle breeder in Lawrence, MA

Here are some cute Schnoodle puppies!  Duchess is technically Puzzle’s sister (not from the same litter) and Malcolm and Lightning are Puzzle’s half-brothers.

Malcom and Lightning, twins
Malcolm and Lightning, twins

These puppies were bred by Puzzle’s breeder, Elaine Galen.  Elaine is located in Lawrence, MA.  She can be reached at 978-793-1084.

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  1. Hi Julie,

    I am looking for a schnoodle breeder in the area (I live in Andover) and stumbled upon your blog and info about schnoodles. Puzzle is adorable! You’re such a good writer and it sounds like blogging is so therapeutic for you. I should try it.

    Anyway, is Elaine Galen still breeding schnoodles? I’m looking for one because my husband has allergies and I have an only child (12) who wants a dog really badly. We are looking for a toy schnoodle that is from a reputable breeder. Are you happy with Puzzle’s temperament and behavior? Thanks for any info you can give me. Stay well and keep blogging, Susan

    1. Hi Susan,

      Yes, Elaine Galen is still breeding Schnoodles. She’s got two female Schnauzers and a male Poodle. I can attest that Puzzle is hypoallergenic because we’ve got a neighbor who is allergic but is not allergic to Puzzle. However, I’ve heard that people with very, very severe allergies will react to any dog. I don’t know about Schnauzers, but Poodles and Schnoodles are supposed to be hypoallergenic. I heard that President Obama chose a Poodle mix because his child is allergic.

      I am soooooooooo happy with Puzzle! She is very, very affectionate. She is spirited but is also quiet when I need her to be. She pretty much sleeps all day long except when I go sit on the couch. Then she comes up to me for attention. She will nuzzle up to me for hours and ask to be petted (if I let her) but is never a nuisance. She is not accustomed to children, and is afraid of kids and babies. I have to keep her away from them. But this is basically because I don’t have any, and there are none in my building or anywhere around here, so she rarely sees them, and that’s why she freaks. Other puppies in her litter did extremely well with kids, so I wouldn’t worry about that.

      Puzzle does some pretty amazing things. For one thing, she reminds me to take my medication. If I’m off by 15 minutes, she nags me until I take it. She doesn’t know a lot of commands, but if I say, “In your crate!” she’ll go into her crate so I can take my pills and not worry about her snatching one up. She is able to stand on her hind legs for a long, long time. She looks like a squirrel when she does that. I’ve got a couple of photos of her standing. People think it’s amazing.

      Elaine breeds the puppies right in her living room and handles them all the time. She also has kids in her family and they handle the puppies. She gives them temporary names. Puzzle’s name was Mary, if I recall correctly. In my opinion it’s really important for puppies to have human contact early on. Puzzle was one of ten.

      Puzzle has been very healthy. My only problem with her health has been when she’s eaten things off the ground (bones) and has had to go to the vet because of subsequent tummy trouble. I learned the hard way that it’s really important to teach your dog to give up things. You can’t take anything out of Puzzle’s mouth because I never taught her. But she’s never been sick other than that.

      I get her groomed regularly. She requires a haircut once every few months. She also has to be protected from the rain, because her light-colored fur will stain, and it will also tangle. That’s where the sweaters come in, but you can use a raincoat, too. You have to make sure they do a “tushy track” when they do the haircut (clean out the dog’s rear end area). I can tell she needs a haircut when she suddenly starts picking at herself.

      I took Puzzle to puppy school, which I would recommend. The teacher was really good. Go to a GOOD class–you don’t want to waste your time in a class you don’t think is worthwhile. I still contact the teacher when I have a question.

      Oh, I should add that it took a while to housebreak Puzzle–a year and four months, but the good news is that she’s perfect about it now. She NEVER chews, steals, begs, or does anything nasty like that. I leave my stuff around and I know it won’t get destroyed. No messes on the floor. Ever. She has a handful of toys she plays with and they’re hers.

      That’s about all I can think of. If you have any questions, just e-mail me.

      Julie Greene

  2. Hi Julie;
    Like your previous poster I have a question about how to contact Elaine Galen.
    It seems that her phone goes unanswered and the same for her e-mail.
    My wife and I are retired and we are searching for a Schnoodle pup to give a good home to.
    We found Elaine’s web site and loved the pictures but are unable to contact her.
    Can you help?
    Bob and Gerri

    1. Hello, I haven’t heard from Elaine in a while but she does get in touch now and then. I have been meaning to let her know that Puzzle is doing fine and very happy here in South America. Everyone loves Puzzle, and they call her POOZ-lay here. That’s the Spanish way of saying her name. It’s really a word here even though you won’t find it in an espanol-inglese dictionary. I am curious as to how the other puppies from the litter are doing. Puzzle is just under 15 pounds, here she is 6 kilo roughly. So this is a really nice size. She has a boyfriend, too. I call him Rojito. That means “Little Red.” I named him that after Big Red, from the series I read as a child. He is all red with white paws, a little taller than Puzzle, and I’d say definitely longer and stockier. I took photos today. But I am a bit embarrassed because Puzzle is overdue for a haircut…she’s “shaggy dog.” Sometimes, Elaine sends a Christmas card and I hope that I will get it even though I have moved. I will let her know that someone is looking for a Schnoodle! She’s in Lawrence, Massachusetts, or was, last time I heard from her. Her dogs looked very sweet in the photo she sent. Julie

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