Knitting: Toilet Roll Hats

I took a break from writing and decided to knit for a day, and instead of a dog sweater, I knitted a hat for a toilet paper roll!

I’ve got this wonderful book that I would highly recommend: Toilet Roll Covers by Pat Ashforth and Steve Plummer.  You can order it from  Order it when knitpicks is having a sale on books and you’ll get a good price.  In the book are these amazing patterns for covers you can put on toilet paper rolls that are decorative and amusing, and will keep your bathroom from looking drab.  Your guests will be amazed!

A toilet roll cover is actually a hat in miniature; it is 15 inches around, and 4-3/8 inches high.  The book has many elaborate and creative patterns, including animal patterns, and even an Aran pattern.  I invented my own, very simple patterns.  Here’s the one I did yesterday:

Toilet hat 1

See the ribbing on the bottom?  After I knitted the hat, I found that it was too short.  I crocheted a strip of faux ribbing and sewed it onto the bottom of the hat.

Here are the other hats I’ve done:

Other 3 toilet hats

The hat on top, as well as the one I did yesterday, were done with Lion Brand yarn, the stuff called Vanna’s Choice.  Although it is labeled worsted weight, I find that it is a bit heavy, but I do prefer heavy yarns.  It knits up nicely a 4 st/inch.  I used a size 8 circular needle, 60 stitches around=15 inches.  I found that any more stitches per inch was too dense for my taste.  The gray and white hat is done with Red Heart yarn.  I had fun with the cable stitching, though it certainly was time consuming!  The furry hat was done with “fun fur.”  I believe that this is also a Red Heart yarn.  I find it a difficult yarn to handle, though some people think otherwise.  The tops of the hats can be done as a flat piece, or as a circle progressing inward,  or progressing outward from the center.  The sides of the hat can be done on straight needles as well, going around the roll, for 15 inches, instead of up, and fastening the ends together.

The neat thing about these mini-hats is that they can be done in a day.   You will find a use for those leftover scraps of yarn from those dog sweaters you’ve made; in fact, one of those hats I made matches one of Puzzle’s sweaters!  I find that a short project like this is a real boost to my self-esteem.  I feel a sense of accomplishment right away.   These hats make great gifts, and are a good project for a beginner knitter.

Feedback and comments welcome!