New Title for My Book: Arrows to the Hand

Hello everyone,

I have decided to change the title of my book, the work I am doing as my creative thesis right now at Goddard College.  Formerly, the title was:

Forgotten Lines, Remembered Years: For an Occasion as It Arises

This is a mouthful, and is also not very catchy.  I generally referred to the book as “Forgotten Lines” for short.  It was a title that required a nickname.

Here is the new title:

Arrows to the Hand: My Journeys Through Mental Illness and Wellness

I like it!  My advisor, Darrah Cloud, has told me that it is not too late to make the change.  I am so sold on this new title that I have gone ahead and changed my title page draft and a handful of other documents.  Darrah says that a title should pique the reader’s (and an editor’s) curiosity.  What about you?  Are you curious?

2 thoughts on “New Title for My Book: Arrows to the Hand”

    1. The official title of the book is now This Hunger Is Secret: My Journeys Through Mental Illness and Wellness. It is due to be published by Chipmunkapublishing soon. The book is a memoir about my mental illness. It was my creative thesis for my Masters of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing at Goddard College. I graduated a year ago, and received my degree at the Port Townsend, Washington campus. Glad to see you here.

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