Dog Sweater Pattern!

Here is Puzzle, modeling her latest sweater!  It is a granny square sweater, made of 100% Peruvian wool.

Granny Square Sweater

Here is the sweater, in progress:

Granny Square sweater 'in progress'

I invented the pattern myself.  In fact, I even invented the stitch I used to make the squares.  I call it “quarter double crochet” (qdc) as opposed to half double crochet.

Here is the pattern I invented for the layout of the squares:

Dog Sweater - Granny or Patchwork by Julie Greene

I have invented many patterns before but this is the first one that I have actually written down!  You may use it yourself if you wish!

I have used this pattern using knitted squares instead of crocheted granny squares.  Check out this sweater here:

Here’s a link to another dog sweater I have posted:

Here’s a link to another dog sweater pattern I have designed myself:


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4 thoughts on “Dog Sweater Pattern!”

  1. Hi there, Julie! I just wanted to thank you for sharing your pattern. I have a pet pig, Henry, and it’s difficult to find clothes that fit him, yet pigs get cold very easily and I live in Michigan. I’m starting by learning how to make a granny square, and then I’m going to look to your pattern to help me get to the next steps. Thanks again!

    1. Hi, I didn’t know that pigs got cold. Thanks, and I’m glad you found my pattern useful for you! Granny squares are an excellent way to get started. There are many ways that you can attach them together. You can also rearrange them and you can change your mind if you don’t like what you have! If you have extra squares when you are done with a project, you can give them away, or save them for the next project. Of course, if you finish a square and you don’t like the way it comes out, just replace it with another. Or keep the square “as is” and have it be the one that people look at it and say, “How on earth did that one get there?” Just keep ’em guessing. There is no “wrong way” on this earth. Love, Julie

    1. That’s a good question. I have never washed one of Puzzle’s sweaters. I have never had to, thank goodness. I hang them to dry. Sometimes they get dirt on them, but the dirt always shakes off. We get a lot of sand and salt here in Massachusetts in winter. The sweaters never seem to develop any sort of unpleasant odor. When the wool is wet you can smell a “wool” odor but that’s it.

      I would suggest not washing a dog sweater if you can help it because these sweaters make contact with the dog’s skin, and the dog might be allergic to the detergent you use to wash the sweater. Maybe just rinse the sweater without any detergent or soap at all, if you have to.

      Once, I washed one of Puzzle’s store-bought cotton t-shirts. I put it in with my own dirty laundry. Afterward, it looked a lot cleaner, but the colors were faded. Mama was happy because she wasn’t embarrassed to be walking a dog wearing a filthy shirt anymore.


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