Something I was thinking about in the shower today

As I may or may not have mentioned, I discovered the reason I’d been losing so much hair in the shower: Pantene conditioner, specifically Pantene “Always Smooth.”  My hair was reacting to some ingredient in the stuff and falling out as soon as I applied it!  This was quite apparent to me when I tried a different conditioner and noticed a big difference: almost no hair came out when I applied either Paul Mitchell “Detangler” or Nexus “Humectress.”  Apparently these do not have whatever is in the Pantene that I reacted to.

It occurred to me today, as I was washing my hair, that when I found out the cause of the problem, I was able to remedy it easily.  Had I gone to some hair expert, I would have had to spend zillions of dollars, and the expert would probably have come up with some “treatment,” made tons of money off of me, and not gotten to the cause of the problem!

If we look toward the cause of problems, rather than trying to patch them up, we will solve them more efficiently and effectively.  In the past, patients were locked up, and sometimes put in chains because society wanted us put away.  Now, there are medications that correct the imbalances that cause the problem in the first place.  These medications are not perfect.  Many people encounter problems with medications and have to try one after another.  The medications have side effects–some serious.  But meds are the best treatment we have so far–they have helped millions of patients to lead productive lives (me too!).

I am in my last semester of graduate school.  These days, I am able to work up to seven hours a day on my creative thesis and still enjoy myself.  I will graduate on July 12, 2009.

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